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The ALCA 5 cast aluminum plate is a hallmark of our product offerings at PCP Aluminium. We offer this plate to a wide range of customers in the general engineering industry. ALCA 5 aluminum plate is a cast precision plate that delivers superb dimensional stability, giving it a great advantage over other possible plate options. This results in a low level of internal stress that reduces considerably the possibility of plate deformation during and after the machining process. With ALCA 5, you receive a totally uniform plate.

Some of the applications in which ALCA 5 cast aluminum plate is used include jigs, molds, plates, machine parts and construction equipment.

ALCA 5 aluminum plate is a 5083 alloy aluminum cast plate that also provides a very good hard anodizing response. With a yield strength of 18000 psi and an ultimate strength of 41000 psi, this plate offers excellent strength characteristics that help it meet the most demanding applications.

Available in a range of thicknesses from 1/4” to 4” and in a wide range of lengths and widths as well, the ALCA 5 cast aluminum plate delivers very good polishing and welding capabilities. It also offers excellent corrosion resistance for standard atmosphere conditions as well as good corrosion resistance for marine atmosphere conditions. In addition, this plate provides excellent machinability.

For additional detailed information about the characteristics, features and capabilities of ALCA 5 aluminum plate, please review our website and browse the product page for ALCA 5 cast aluminum plate.

At PCP Aluminium, we are committed to helping you purchase the right cast plate to meet your project needs. If you have any questions, we are here to help. We can discuss with you any specific project requirements and make recommendations as to the best plate selection for your needs.

When it comes to cast aluminum plate and blocks, we are the experts, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of our expertise. Our experience speaks for itself and we have a track record of helping our customers fulfill their project needs.

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