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It takes big ingot to make big plate – ALAC5® aluminum cast tool & jig plate

How does PCP Aluminium provide our customers with such large plates and blocks of prime AA5083 aluminum? We start with big ingots!

ALAC5® aluminum cast tool and jig plate

PCP Aluminium is located in the “Aluminum Valley” of Canada, where green, sustainable and inexpensive hydroelectricity is used to produce our prime aluminum ingot. With this abundance of aluminum smelting capacity near PCP Aluminium, we offer some of the largest aluminum mold block and widest aluminum cast tool & jig plate available anywhere in North America or the world.

Pictured above is our Director of Sales and Marketing, Simon Holsgrove, standing in front of the rough ingot PCP Aluminum uses to manufacture ALCA5® aluminum AA5083 cast tool & jig plate. These large ingots allow us to provide ALCA5® plate up to 96.5 inches wide and 290 inches long. Our end-use customers are free to design and manufacture larger and more productive machinery for automation, packaging, molding, robotics and converting; for example.

Once our stress-relieved raw ingots are received, PCP Aluminum’s manufacturing process begins by precision sawing the “crust” off the ingot and squaring the block. Next, using state-of-the-art laser-guided equipment, PCP Aluminum horizontally saws the squared block into plates, which are then 1-pass milled on our 126-inch diameter milling machine. One-pass milling produces the exceptional flatness of ALCA5® plate, without any milling overlap that may affect secondary operations such as anodizing or powder-coating.

After milling the top and bottom surfaces of the plate, every ALCA5® plate is measured on our enormous granite surface plate utilizing CMM technology. Each plate is then protected with a removeable PVC liner. PCP Aluminium’s manufacturing process is automated, in-line and very efficient. Our Production Engineers have carefully designed our ISO-9001:2015 registered, industry-leading manufacturing processes to deliver the defect-free, flat and dimensionally stable aluminum plate and block that our customers want.

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