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MAX5® — Aluminum Block for molded and thermoformed parts

From the same prime AA5083 aluminum ingot PCP Aluminum processes into ALCA5® cast tool & jig
plate, PCP Aluminum produces MAX5® aluminum block. MAX5® blocks are heat treated (stress
relieved) per PCP Aluminum’s Quality Procedures, and then squared-off in our state-of-the-art,
automated production facility.

PCP Aluminum’s saws process MAX5®blocks up to 102” wide, 42.5” thick and 290” long. Blocks are then
either further sawn at PCP Aluminum to end-user size specifications, or full-size blocks are sent to our
distributors who also precision saw cut MAX5® blocks for end-users. By working in coordination with
our distributors PCP Aluminum maximizes block yield for our MAX5®end-user customers.

The feedback we’ve received from end-users, mold makers and machine shops is that MAX5® is easier
and faster to machine than other aluminum block alloys. MAX5® always remains stable and flat during
and after machining. MAX5® blocks do not warp or twist after machining. Machined parts reliably and
consistently meet tolerances without re-work or scrap. Hard-coat anodizing and polishing can be done
to MAX5® after cutting cavities or machining.

We love to talk about the very large molds that are being made from MAX5® block, and they are
impressive. But the majority of MAX5® is sawn into smaller blocks, often for plastic molds. This is where
PCP Aluminium’s secondary sawing and squaring operation becomes a real asset for our distributors and
end-users, providing the exact size MAX5® aluminum blocks needed, on time-every time.
Examples of parts or molds made from MAX5® AA5083 aluminum block include:

  • Blow Molds and Blow Mold automation
  • Plastic Injection Molds, prototype molds
  • Automotive fascia and panel molds, seating molds, interior and under-hood part molds
  • Tire Molds, Rubber compression molds
  • Thermoforming molds for consumer packaging, clam shell packaging machines, parts
  • Large plastic tank molds
  • Off-road vehicle, tractor, snow mobile & ATV body panel molds
  • Composite lay-up molds and fixtures
  • Plastic boot molds

MAX5® is the right choice for many aluminum mold and aluminum block applications. With our
inventory and excellent distributors, we will meet your project deadlines with on-time and industry-
leading deliveries.

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