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Aluminium is a common material with many qualities that make it ideal for use in many applications in most industries. Aluminium has become an integral part for cost saving in the manufacturing and production processes. Why is that?


Aluminium is lightweight, especially when you consider it in relation to other processing materials such as steel. By opting for aluminium plates, companies can reduce the raw weight in components with only marginal losses in strength. Less load also translates into less energy required to power machines and equipment. It has the added side-benefit of being able to increase load capacity while doing a great deal to cut down on dead-weight as well as energy consumption levels.


Aluminium also has great corrosion resistance properties. This makes aluminium ideal for marine, salt water protection, and conservation applications. Highly resistant to corrosion, surface treatments like anodizing as well as painting or even lacquering can bring these properties to a greater level. This can be especially valuable in maritime or outdoor applications where components or plating will be exposed to the elements.


Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Considering its lightweight properties, it often is a much better option over other conductors such as copper. This is one of the reasons why aluminium materials are a common in busbar, bus station, or in the power grid.


One of the best things about the material is that you can recycle it nearly infinitely. Further recycling does not degrade the material’s qualities to the extent of other metals. You still get nearly the same properties when you re-melt the material and reuse it. Also, melting aluminium does not require as much energy due to its relatively low melting point. Instead of going for new aluminium materials, recycling it can save companies a lot in terms of cost, time and trouble.

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